VIDALCO supplies Prefab Modules

VIDALCO Prefab Modules are the new standard in heating and cooling floors, walls, ceilings and concrete core activation.

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Modular construction

Our modules are the answer to circular, industrial and modular construction.

The modules are produced directly from a digital work environment, 3d in Autocad or Revit, in the required lay-out pattern. Production is fully automated, which means that the required production time on the construction site or workshop can be reduced to a minimum.

The modules are delivered on a roll, making them very efficient to transport and process. After the modules have been rolled out, they remain flat, so that attachment to the substrate is not necessary for most types of screeds.

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Areas of application

Newly built houses and apartments

Working time on the traditional construction site is limited to the absolute minimum.

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Prefab construction

Product to be delivered as a kit. Quick and easy to assemble in your production process.

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Industrial construction

Already successfully applied in several industrial building systems. Quick to process with a minimal installation depth.

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Modules can be quickly deployed in large and small floor areas.

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This revolution helps us tremendously to solve technician shortages and planning problems. The working method also improves quality.

- Bert Dijkman, branch manager Ordelman & Dijkman Installations


At VIDALCO we are constantly looking for experienced professionals and people who want to learn the trade in the following positions:

-(Junior) Draftsman
-Foreman underfloor heating engineer
-Upcoming underfloor heating engineerr
-Foreman Prefab underfloor heating engineer (retrain if necessary)

Interested? For more information or to apply directly, you can contact Chris Wijnhoud (06-38678689) or email

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