The new sustainable standard in underfloor heating & cooling systems

VIDALCO Climate Floors is the innovative and sustainable partner in the field of heating and cooling of floors, walls, ceilings and concrete core activation. We are a total provider of traditional and prefab solutions.

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Continuously innovate & develop manufacturable products

At VIDALCO we continually strive to push the boundaries of innovation and sustainability and improve our products using cutting-edge technologies. Our passion for progress drives us to continuously explore new techniques, such as developing new prefab products, which allows us to serve our customers better and better.

  • Self-developed robot that can read digital designs
  • A total of 8 worldwide patents on our robot and product
  • Own LCA (life-cycle assessment) on our underfloor heating modules
  • In-house team of 40+ experts in both design and implementation
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Underfloor heating and cooling expert in the broadest sense of the word

We are underfloor heating and cooling experts in the broadest sense of the word. You can contact us for traditional underfloor heating and prefab solutions. We have our own team of experts in both design and implementation.

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Our Prefab modules are the answer to circular, industrial and modular construction

One of our sustainable solutions is our prefab underfloor heating. VIDALCO Prefab modules are the answer to circular, industrial and modular construction. The VIDALCO Prefab modules have several advantages for both the end user and the installation parties.



Design and calculation via our own drawing tool

The modules are produced directly from a digital work environment, 3D in Autocad or Revit, in the required installation pattern.

  • Design and calculation via our own drawing tool
  • Quick and efficient
  • Own team of experienced designers


Completely prefabricated circular product

Production is fully automated, which means that the required production time on the construction site or workshop can be kept to a minimum.

  • Completely prefabricated product
  • Robot controlled by Autocad and Revit
  • Suitable for all building systems


Modules on a roll that can be transported very efficiently

The modules are delivered on a roll, making them very efficient to transport and process.

  • Minimal carbon footprint
  • Lightweight steel mesh carrier


Ergonomic installation of the system

After rolling out the modules, they remain flat, so we only have to attach minimally to the substrate for most types of finishing floors.

  • Short installation time due to efficient installation method
  • No waste flows on the construction site
  • Laying without physical strain for technicians

We have already applied more than 450 projects with our prefabricated products for our customers, construction contractors and installation companies. View references




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Committed to building long-term relationships with our partners & customers

Because VIDALCO has its own engineering department and planning experts, we can think along with you about your project at an early stage. Our product is suitable for all building systems, which means we have different forms of collaboration.

  • Custom traditional underfloor heating
  • Custom and standard prefab module
  • Engineering / drafting
  • Finding the best solutions
  • Delivery, assembly & transport

In addition, we offer you as a new customer free installation training so that you can optimally benefit from all the benefits that our prefab solution offers in the future.

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