About us


VIDALCO supplies sustainable underfloor heating and underfloor cooling systems

VIDALCO Climate Floors is the new standard in sustainable heating and cooling of floors, walls, ceilings and concrete core activation.

Because VIDALCO has its own engineering department and planning experts, we can think along with you about your project at an early stage. Our products are suitable for all building systems, which means we have various forms of collaboration.

  • Self-developed robot that can read digital designs
  • A total of 8 worldwide patents on our robot and product
  • Own LCA (life-cycle assessment) on our underfloor heating modules
  • In-house team of 40+ experts in both design and implementation


With approximately 40 employees, we form a close-knit team of enthusiastic professionals, the majority of whom are young people. What makes us special is that we welcome a lot of talented people who do not necessarily have a technical background, but are driven to learn and grow in our field.

Our corporate culture is characterized by an innovative approach and a healthy dose of competition, which we like to demonstrate during the breaks when playing darts, billiards and table tennis. But above all, there is a good atmosphere in which cooperation and conviviality are very important to us.

At VIDALCO we believe in the power of growth and development. That is why we offer many career opportunities and encourage (re)training. Real short lines ensure that everyone is heard and that ideas are quickly converted into action.

Even though we are only a few years old, we have already built a solid reputation as a reliable partner in the sector. Our fresh perspective and ability to continuously innovate enable us to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

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