Sustainable and environmentally conscious

Sustainability at VIDALCO

Responsible, innovative and environmentally conscious in everything we do

At VIDALCO, sustainability and environmental awareness are in our DNA. We believe that the path to a greener future starts with taking responsibility for our impact on the environment. That is why we are committed to providing sustainable solutions that not only change the construction industry, but also contribute to a better world for future generations.

Our prefab modules are produced fully automatically, resulting in less waste and therefore a lower environmental impact. Thanks to the fast installation process of our prefab underfloor heating, up to five times faster than traditional methods, we not only reduce the time technicians spend on site, but also the travel movements and associated CO2 emissions. In addition, the modules remain flat after unrolling, meaning we require minimal fasteners for most surfaces.

Our commitment to sustainability is confirmed by our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), a powerful tool that measures the full impact of our products on the environment. From raw material extraction to waste processing and reuse, we carefully analyze every stage of the life cycle to minimize our ecological footprint.

We are therefore proud that VIDALCO is the only underfloor heating company included in the National Environmental Database. This recognition not only underlines our commitment to sustainability, but also offers concrete benefits for our customers. Builders and developers can now choose between standard underfloor heating or the sustainable solutions from VIDALCO. Due to the sustainable production and installation of our systems, the Environmental Performance of Buildings (MPG) calculation is positively influenced, which directly benefits the feasibility and sustainability of projects. VIDALCO is therefore the best choice for sustainable projects.

Together with our partners, we are taking steps towards a more environmentally friendly world. Discover the sustainable heart of VIDALCO and join our pursuit of a greener future!

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