VIDALCO has its own drawing department where ten motivated drafts(wo)men are ready every day to deliver custom work. Every project is unique and that is how we approach them. Before our drafters start the work, they have collected all the information to make this project a success again.

Prefab underfloor heating

Our modules can be easily drawn using a self-designed tool, after which they can be digitally entered into our robot and produced. Our prefab underfloor heating system is produced with a center to center distance of 150mm. A standard choice that has been made and can be applied in 95 percent of our projects.

Traditional underfloor heating

We can use traditional underfloor heating for the remaining five percent of the projects. Traditional underfloor heating is also designed in-house. Our drafters are skilled in both prefab and traditional drafting and when our capacity is exceeded we have sufficient skilled connections that we can call on. In short, VIDALCO designs your entire project. Prefab or traditional!

Our services
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