Supply and installation of various surfaces

Our services also include the supply and installation of the various surfaces. Reinforcement nets, tacker plate or studded plate in combination with underfloor heating or just the supply and installation of the subfloor. We fully provide you!

But which subfloor do you need for your project?

This completely depends on the type of project. Take apartment construction, for example. In the context of noise reduction and insulation, tacker plate or studded plate is often chosen. They both have an insulating function. The installation of underfloor heating on a tacker plate is done with so-called tacker nails. These are brackets with barbs, which are shot over the pipe into the tacker plate by means of a tacker device. In combination with VIDALCO prefab modules, this system is also very ergonomic. Technicians will experience less physical strain from this.

Logically, less value is attached to sound insulation in the floor in residential construction compared to apartment construction. And that is why we often install on the subfloor there. This can be done by means of reinforcement nets or, in the case of prefab underfloor heating, with mounting strips and bolted installation.

Our services
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