New construction

Prefab or traditional underfloor heating is ideal for new construction. Already applied to 500+ projects throughout the Netherlands. VIDALCO provides underfloor heating systems, distribution boards, central heating pipework and even heat pump boards.

Prefab underfloor heating

The modules are produced directly from a digital work environment, 3D in Autocad or Revit, in the required installation pattern. Production is fully automated, which means that the required production time on the construction site or workshop can be kept to a minimum.

The modules are delivered on a roll, making them very efficient to transport and process.
After rolling out the modules, they remain flat, so we only have to attach minimally to the substrate for most types of finishing floors.

Traditional underfloor heating

Underfloor heating has been used for many years. The first underfloor heating systems even date back to the time of the Romans! A well thought-out system, because underfloor heating has become an indispensable part of the Dutch new construction market today. Often used in the so-called snail shell and meander patterns. VIDALCO uses different surfaces such as reinforcement nets, tacker plate and studded plate.

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