Milling underfloor heating

At VIDALCO you can also find an efficient renovation option: milled underfloor heating! We make renovating your home a lot easier. No hassle with removing the screed and no need to raise the floor.

Milling underfloor heating is a proven efficient heating solution. Are you going to renovate your home? But would you still like underfloor heating in the screed? A sustainable solution T.O.V. the dry installation system? Which can! VIDALCO has experienced underfloor heating technicians who can contribute ideas to your project. Because renovation is a completely different principle than new construction.

The engineer will visit you on the agreed date and start milling the slots. The pattern can be drawn out in advance, but it is also possible to have this carried out at your own discretion. Once the milling work is done, the slots can be filled with underfloor heating pipe. Due to the carefully selected thickness of the cutter, the pipe remains fixed without attachment. After this, the trenches can be filled with sand cement and your home will be equipped with underfloor heating.

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