Prefab heat pump

Prefab heat pump
Prefab warmtepompbord

January 17, 2024

Did you know that we don’t just make prefab underfloor heating? In addition to the prefab underfloor heating, distribution boards and adjustment, we also have a prefab heat pump board! We make sustainable heating even easier.

What makes it so great?

  • The heat pump board is made in our own workplace
  • Quick and effortless installation in any home
  • Complete with all necessary accessories
  • Plug & play installation
  • Maximum quality through factory production

The signs are prepared for shipment as efficiently as possible before transport. We prepare the fittings and connections in such a way that the installation is available plug & play.

After the board has been attached to the wall, all that remains is to connect the heat pump. In addition to the prefab board, we also include the other central heating pipes. Ready in one go and no extra people needed on site. This way you can quickly enjoy efficient, comfortable heating!

The heat pump board in the photo is a version for a ground heat pump including source-side connections. Curious which version is suitable for your project? Contact us!

Quality Assurance Act (WKB)

January 10, 2024

Get to know the Quality Assurance Act (WKB).

The new law that will be introduced gradually from this year. The WKB must, among other things, reduce defects in new construction and renovation. It is expected that these rules will only apply to simple structures until 2028. This allows construction companies to gain experience with the new supervision in construction step by step.

But what does Vidalco do with this?
Our work on the construction site is accurately recorded in our own delivery report. A self-developed tool in BIM360 with which the technician can check and record his work on site. Our work is only completed once the installation has been pressurized and a delivery report has been created.

Vidalco is ready for the future, WKB-ready!

Solution for shortage of professionals

February 7, 2024

It will no longer surprise anyone: the shortage of professionals in the construction sector is an increasing problem. But how does VIDALCO approach this?

User-friendliness was taken into account when developing VIDALCO prefab underfloor heating modules. After a few days of training, you (yes, even you😉) could install an underfloor heating system. This allows us to train our staff and/or the staff of our customers to become the truly ideal VIDALCO professional!

In addition to being an employer, VIDALCO is also a recognized training company. Good technical training will reduce staff shortages. Because what could be better than working in technology?

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