Installing underfloor heating without physical strain for technicians


Our prefab underfloor heating modules not only offer great advantages in terms of construction speed and construction quality. Perhaps even more importantly, our system is basically designed to keep the physical strain on technicians to a minimum.

Where in a traditional underfloor heating installation technicians are forced to bend forward for hours and exert physical effort by pulling heavy cable reels, this is no longer necessary with our system. Our system can be installed in a standing position and is attached to the surface with a minimum number of fasteners. There is also no need to spend hours on your knees in front of a distributor because our distributors are supplied completely prefabricated. Securing 4 screws is therefore all that still needs to be done on the construction site.

That is therefore a win-win situation in the broadest sense of the word. It is therefore no coincidence that all fitters and installation companies are at least as enthusiastic as our clients about our system. VIDALCO Prefab Modules, setting new standards in underfloor heating and cooling.

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